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Best Country Flag Icons

Best Country Flag Icons

If you were thinking of localizing your website, you would be wondering what were the best country flag icons to use.

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They can serve a number of different functions such as switching between different country versions of your site. They are also useful when it comes to widget design for users emanating from a number of different countries.

There are hundreds of different designs out there as well as a number of different types. We have spent some time researching the best available alternatives and have listed them below. Please note that flags are not languages and should only be used if you are targeting a particular country and not a language (for more see language switcher best practices).

Go Squared

First up on the list of country flag icons is Go Squared. The designers have created a flag for every major country in the world. They have also included a number of different size and style variants. You can download them here.



FamFamFam is a handy collection from Birmingham developer Mark James. The icon set is simple yet extensive. You have a selection of over 240 icons to choose from. The icons follow the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code convention. You can download the icons here.



This useful country flag icons site has all the icons in SVG format. It also includes the css for easier integration. The designs come in two different sizes yet a only one flat design. You can download the flags here.


Flag icons Switcher

If are running your site on WordPress and would like to have a switcher bar, this plugin is very helpful for that. It allows you to enter the URL for the country specific site you would like to take your visitors to. It allows you to select where you want the switcher positioned on the page. It is a simple installation and has over 4,000 current downloads. Here is the link to the download page in the WordPress directory.

Flag WordPress Plugin


This neat country flag icons collection by Deleket has over 200 flags with a rounded square 3D appearance. You may recognize the look of the icons as they are similar to those iOS apps. Visit deviant art here to download the icons in PNG.


All-in-One Country flag icon set

This comprehensive premium collection by Custom Icon Design has over 264 flags with 7 different size variants. The formats include png, ico and icns. With a sleek 3D design, these icons would look great on any modern website. If you intend on using the icons for commercial purposes, you can purchase the license for $49 here

All in one country

If, however, you would prefer a round flag icon design, Custom Icon Design has the a similar sized collection available here

Flat Round Icons

Flat rectangular Country Flag Icons

Another premium collection from Custom Icon Design. This set has 250+ country flags. There are also 9 different size variants. They are vector scalable and have a pixel perfect grid. These sleek flat icons would be at home on any site that is appealing for a minimalist design. You can download the whole set for $49 dollars. Alternatively, if you intend to only use flags from the Continent, you can download the European set for free. Link here

Flat Rectangular

World Flags by Memo Designer

These interesting flag icon designs by Memo Designer are refreshing. The icons are half peeled stickers that one can embed. The flags come in either png or ico. There are however, a few flag icons which have not being included. To see if your flag of choice is included, follow this link to the download page.

Sticker flags

World Flags Icons by Vathanx

This great collection of photo realistic circular icons by Vathanx can be accessed here. It has 238 flags currently and you can download it in either png or ico format.

Vathanx Flags

Flag Button Devkit

Finally, a useful Photoshop and illustrator kit for you to create your own edgy flag buttons. Merely download the kit. Once done, you will duplicate a layer group and insert the new flag into this layer. Sweet and simple.

Devkit Flags

Pascal Evertz